Types and tasks of research

Market research helps you find answers to questions that arise every day
We conduct a holistic situational analysis of the market, assess opportunities and risks, make reliable forecasts and estimate the prospective market share.
We will thoroughly investigate their business, reveal on what grounds they surpass your company and offer ways to tackle the issues.
Types of research methods used to solve Customer problems
it involves collecting information from a large number of respondents to obtain an objective statistical picture on various issues.
they are determined by the descriptive approach, detailed interpretation of respondents' answers. Detailed and comprehensive comments are required from a small number of respondents related to the target audience of the Customer.
connect opportunities to get detailed, comprehensive answers from a large number of respondents or "mystery shoppers" involved in the research.
are conducted to collect, combine and analyze secondary data collected from various sources.
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in a separate group, we allocate methods for assessing employee loyalty.

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