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We have been conducting market research for business for more than 10 years. During this time, we have accumulated extensive practical experience, created a huge theoretical base and picked up effective tools. Research is a serious responsibility for getting results. Our task is not just to accurately conform the numbers or collect data. We understand that research is the basis for business development. On the basis of the information received, the Customer transforms the company's work, opens new directions, and sets targets.

Why choose us?

More than 200 large and medium-sized companies have chosen us to conduct research. Why do customers from different industries trust us?
Professional team devoted to achieving goals
Our analysts and field managers have a combined research experience of 40 years. More than 60 experienced interviewers to conduct surveys for your potential clients. Professional moderators of focus groups, interviewers conducting in-depth and expert interviews also work for you.
Geography of the research

Our own branch network and established cooperation with partner marketing and analytical agencies allows us to conduct research in more than 50 cities of Russia.
Research opportunities

Up to 2.5 million respondents, to whom access can be granted through the largest online panels in Russia, can participate in your survey. Direct recruitment of respondents (river sampling technique) allows you to choose the participants of the study from 35 million visitors to partner sites.
Financial guarantees to our Customers

We are confident in the quality of research conducted by our experts. Regular customers trust us. More than 80% of them who have worked with us have repeatedly come back to us again. For new customers we provide financial guarantees on the result. If we do not provide information on the agreed plan, we will refund the payment.

Principles of Best Service

We use the most suitable methods for hitting the target set by the customer in our work.
Modern tools help our customers to quickly track the research results. Access to interactive dynamic reports allows our customers to see the changes in key indicators of their business from anywhere in the world, having an Internet access, around the clock and from any device. You do not need to wait for the usual paper report when there is a possibility of online access. The format allows you to regularly update and supplement the primary figures with new data and see the dynamics.
Flexibility in approach to each customer
We understand that every business is individual and specific. Therefore, each task set by the customer is solved according to a specific plan and using a special combination of methods. Standard solutions will not help you to become better than competitors. We have implemented exclusive projects in 15 business sectors and are ready to share our experience with our customers.
Efficiency of communication and implementation of tasks
We set realistic deadlines for research and strive to strictly follow them. For our Customers - it is the shortest possible time. While we solve your research problems, you can ask questions at any time and get an answer within one business day.
Achieving results that are practically applicable in your business
You get not only numbers or abstract conclusions poorly connected with realities. Our reports contain information that is precisely focused on the specifics of your company. We work so that you can use the results of the research in your practice.

Quality control

How do we consistently achieve results for your business? Well-established business processes are important, as well as a team of professionals - our internal eNPS index (ratio of promoters of the company and its critics) - is almost 90%. A significant component of efficiency - quality control of research at each stage.
Setting a task from the customer, drawing up an action plan and selecting the appropriate tools
We take a set of factors into consideration: the wishes of the customer, the scope and specifics of the activity of the company. Based on the results obtained, we plan research work and methods. The project must be mandatorily agreed with the customer.
Control during the research process
Each participant goes through a detailed briefing and training. The work of interviewers is often checked by auditors, mystery shoppers. In a number of projects, we receive feedback from respondents who selectively call our Agency's staff. To participate in online surveys through the panel, only participants working according to ESOMAR standards are involved.
Sample quality control
At the stage of processing the results, multistage checks of the sample quality are carried out by several experts of the Agency using statistical and mathematical methods.
Best Service Research Agency works according to the requirements of ESOMAR.
The quality management system complies with ISO 9001: 2008.

Evidence of the effectiveness of the Agency's research in practice

You can personally get "real" evidence of the effectiveness of the research work of our Agency:


Study the results of research for companies in different industries. Real cases from the work of our Agency.


Get sample reports on different types of research on your request, including interactive dynamic reports.


At the request of a new customer, we provide contacts of our existing clients, who can give recommendations of our Agency and tell how the work on various research projects took place.

Some of our Customers

Our team
Best Service Agency has been providing expert level research services for consumer markets for more than 10 years. Our specialists work to ensure that our customers' business develops on a solid basis of proven information, sound conclusions and accurate digital data.
We introduce you the heads of key departments in our Agency.
Anna Sergeeva
General Manager (Managing Director)
State University of the Ministry of Finance

Expert in market research:
over 12 years

Professional achievements:
  • Creation of one of the leading research agencies in Russia from scratch.
  • Participation in 34 international, national and regional marketing conferences, seminars, round tables.
  • Internships with leading experts in market research in the USA, UK, Germany.
  • Practical experience in organizing quantitative and qualitative research in FMCG, Finance and insurance, HoReCa, automobile business.
  • Personal expert advice to 6 heads of large business - clients of the Agency.

  • Drafting Best Service development strategy.
  • Overall management of all activities of the Agency.
  • Communication with major clients as an expert consultant.
  • Management of strategically important projects implemented by the Agency.
  • Personal control of the results of significant client projects.
  • Establishing partnerships with research organizations in the regions.
  • Strategic planning, development of an effective business plan of the Company.
  • Diagnosing problems in business processes.

Professional credo:
"Any business task in our Agency should be carried out to the maximum. Customers trust us – we have to live up to their trust day in and day out."

Interesting fact:
She knows English perfectly, improved her conversational level in the United States, so she studied the works of all the American marketing gurus in their original language.
Alexander Popov
Customer Service Director
Higher School of Economics

Experience in market research:
over 8 years

Professional achievements:
  • Graduated with honors
  • Personal leadership in more than 30 major research projects.
  • Participation in 23 Russian and regional marketing conferences, seminars, round tables.
  • Personal expert advisor to 3 major clients of the Agency.

  • Employed in the Agency since its Foundation.
  • Marketing communications and customer service.
  • Conflict Resolution with customers.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Development of the company's marketing plan.
  • Diagnosing problems in business processes.
  • Product positioning
  • Assessment of the quality of staff work during the research projects

Professional credo:
"Communication is the basis for obtaining information. The wider your circle of professional communication, the more complete knowledge about the market you have."

Interesting fact:
He has visited 35 countries. He even considers a vacation trip to be a wonderful opportunity to study how business works with the customer, and on what principles the service is based. He certainly brings new insights from his trips.
Evgeniy Molodtsov
Head of Analytical Department
Higher School of Economics, University of Bologna (Italy)

Experience in marketing research:
over 12 years

Professional achievements:
  • Employed in the Agency since its Foundation.
  • Supervision of more than 250 research projects.
  • Participated in 15 international, national and regional marketing conferences, seminars, round tables.
  • Foreign internships in research areas.
  • Regular training in modern methods of data processing.


  • Comprehensive analysis of consumer markets B2B and B2C.
  • Conducting Desk Research.
  • Data Processing obtained in the course of quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Formation of analytical reports on different types of research.
  • Creating dynamic reports.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Analysis of internal and external factors of the company's development.
  • Price monitoring and forecasting.

Professional credo:

"He who owns information, owns the world! Competent research will reduce uncertainty and save money and time, and sometimes even save a product or company."

Interesting fact:
He claims that he had analytical abilities since early childhood and began to solve mathematical examples from the age of three. In any case, Evgeny can easily handle any calculation, even the most complex ones for your business.
Olga Bukova
Head of Field Department
Higher law education

Experience in marketing research:
over 10 years

Professional achievements:

  • Supervised more than 200 field research projects.
  • Tested 7 new products that were launched in mass production.
  • Participated in professional conferences and seminars.
  • Advanced training in certain areas of field research.
  • Expert level of proficiency in Mystery Shopper techniques, face-to-face survey.


  • Retail outlets auditing.
  • Testing products or services.
  • Gathering primary information about competitors.
  • Selection of freelance participants for field research.
  • Preparation of reports in various formats based on the results of information processing.

Professional credo:
"It is impossible to achieve perfect service, but it is quite possible to approach perfection step by step, by correcting your mistakes. Our task is to find the problem areas and point them out to the Customer."

Interesting fact:
She often takes part in research as a regular employee or interviewer. She believes that direct communication with Customers helps to correctly interpret the information received and draw conclusions.
Polina Trofimova
Senior specialist in the Department of Quantitative Research
State University of Management

Experience in market research:
over 6 years

Professional achievements:
  • Organization of more than 200 surveys with thousands of people on the Internet, streets, and shopping centers.
  • Calculation of pedestrian traffic in 7 large shopping centers and 10 supermarkets.
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, round tables, master classes.
  • Training in panel and street surveys.

  • Organization of all types of quantitative research.
  • Conduct surveys in any format as required by the Customer: online, street, telephone, correspondence questionnaire.

Professional credo:
"The Customer is the alpha and omega of the business. When starting a new project, ask your target audience if they need it. Also when finishing up, do not forget to check with customers if it is still relevant."

Interesting fact:
She started her career in marketing research in her third year of University, when she took part in surveys as an interviewer. She majored on the topic of Internet Surveys. Since then, she has remained faithful to this direction of research.
Daria Krivenko
Senior Specialist in the Department of Quantitative Research
National Pedagogical M. P. Dragomanov University (Kiev, Ukraine)

Experience in marketing research:
over 10 years

Professional achievements:
  • Conducted over 40 qualitative studies.
  • Specialized training in focus group modeling.
  • Participation in seminars, conferences, round tables on qualitative research.
  • Organized and conducted more than 10 VIP interviews with experts.

  • Organization and conducting of all types of qualitative research.
  • Conducting expert interviews with VIP-specialists.
  • Preparation and moderation of focus groups.
  • Competitive analysis using the "Mystery Shopper" method.
  • Staff assessment.
  • Diagnosis of team problems, search for the causes of conflicts, employee turnover and other difficulties.
  • Business outlets audit.

Professional credo:
"One should never work blindly when there are actually working tools to test almost any hypothesis."

Interesting fact:
One of our Customers called Daria the "Godmother of startups." She helped this Customer and dozens of others to get feedback on new products, services, business lines. Through her efforts, many products have been personalized in the form in which the customer likes them.
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