Interactive Dynamic Reports

Control marketing research results from anywhere in real time!
About Reports
We offer you the functional way to visualize marketing research results and to analyze received data with one click.

Information dashboards are the general center where the whole business data is concentrated. The most important metrics are updating regularly. You can observe all data in real time mode. Stay tuned for market changes or customer loyalty in dynamics. Access to information dashboards is available from any device with internet connection. Analytic tools are understandable intuitively.

For What Purposes Do You Need the Dynamic Reports?

Consumers Loyalty Researches
  • Analysis of complicated multifactored surveys including multiple waves surveys.
  • Analysis of customer behavior (target audience portrait, capacity, segmentation, preferences) in dynamics.
  • Customer loyalty, fluctuating NPS index.
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction.
  • Overview of factors which are influencing customer loyalty to the brand.
Brand Analytics
  • Brand awareness changes.
  • Company sales analysis, KPI detailed by each trade mark in the business brand portfolio.
  • Price monitoring.
  • Assessment of awareness and factors influencing customer loyalty to the brand.
Observing Marketing Activities
  • Marketing strategies and projects analysis.
  • Evaluation of advertising campaigns efficiency.
Market Researches
  • Presenting of changing market situation via diagrams.
  • Total market value assessment.
  • Evaluation of market shares for the main players.
  • Prices fluctuations for different types of products and services.
  • Distribution of sales volumes by the sales channels.
Interactive Dynamic Reports are always available
Data visualization
Colorful understandable graphics
Modern technologies in the data analysis
Comprehensive visual presentations
Get access to business data any time and any device
Special software installation is not required
Adaptive layout
Access to reports via link from anywhere. Easy to insert diagrams from report to company web-site or Power Point.
Choose necessary parameters via special filters. Click to the needed segment and diagram will show you chosen data automatically.
The report will be configured for your request. Open the charts in full screen. Sort information. Switch between dashboards quickly.


Case №1. The study of consumer loyalty of customers of a restaurant chain in dynamics.
Case №2. Weekly Mystery Shopping grocery supermarket chain results.
Case №3. Analysis of sales, write-offs and profitability of a restaurant chain.
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